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Quasi tutte le aziende produttive devono risolvere problemi legati al trasporto di materiali. Nella galleria fotografica qui di seguito, vi mostriamo quanto diverse e talvolta anche problematiche possano essere queste attività di trasporto.

giugno 2023

SISTEVEN, S.L.U.: Modern production processes with jib and overhead cranes from ABUS Kransysteme

The almost 25-year success story of SISTEVEN, a leading brand in the field of industrial ventilation systems, continues: the Madrid-based company has once again significantly expanded its production capacity. For the new plant, which has become the company's new headquarters, it was important to the factory planners to focus on modern production processes. 

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gennaio 2023

Meisterbau Aichinger GmbH: le gru EOT sono ideali per i lavori di precisione in modalità tandem

Meisterbau Aichinger GmbH è un'azienda con sede a Wiener Neustadt specializzata nell'edilizia sostenibile in legno e realizza case modulari ultramoderne e altre strutture in legno.

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novembre 2021

ABUS overhead travelling cranes in flat and long steel distribution in Brazil

Flat and long steel is used as a raw material for the production of machines, parts and tools in the majority of Brazilian industries. These materials are indispensable in the furniture industry, in road construction, in mechanical engineering, in agricultural machinery as well as in the maintenance and repair in various industries in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul. Sidersul, a company based in this region and active in the steel market for well over 40 years, is preparing to celebrate its 50th anniversary.

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ottobre 2021

Choosing the right crane optimises production processes and reduces hall construction costs

Ruland Engineering & Consulting Sp. z o.o. are an international company operating on the world market for equipment for the food industry for 27 years. Ruland are a mechanical engineering company specialising in liquids and offer modern solutions for the beverage, juice and brewery industries.

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settembre 2021

ABUS jib cranes in maintenance company for machine tools in Sweden

The tool spindle is often referred to as the heart of a machine tool in the industry as in chipping machines for example. The spindle is the interface between the motor and the tool holder and is therefore exposed to particularly high loads and stresses. Long term use can only be ensured through regular inspection and maintenance.

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