Abbey Mills Pumping Station

ABUS Crane Systems Ltd. ( supplied two Single Girder Box Cranes to Abbey Mills Pumping Station, a listed building in London built between 1865 and 1868. The new cranes have replaced two manual cranes installed when the structure was originally built, which were used for servicing and maintaining pumping equipment. The building does not have any hard access into it therefore the cranes had to be installed through two windows in the roof.

Both cranes have a load capacity of 5 t and a span of 11.700 mm with a height of lift of 20 m. The two crane tracks are at the same level and run at 90° to each other, which cross over in the centre. This required the cranes to be supplied with 4 wheel drive end carriages and a larger wheel radius to travel over the gaps in the gantry rail.

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