ABUS cranes for luxury yachts in the Netherlands

Passion - Performance - Perfection: this is the motto of the builder of luxury yachts at Oss, Heesen (www.heesenyachts.com), one of the world leaders in this segment. More than 150 luxury yachts have been built in the small town west of Nijmegen and have been delivered to their new owners since Frans Heesen took over the shipyard in 1978. The customer is looked after by naval architects, welders, interior designers, joiners, and other experts right from the first sketch of the yacht all the way through to the maiden voyage. The yachts come with lengths of up to 55 metres and up to three decks plus possible superstructures.

Heesen’s company motto inspired, and spurred on, the Dutch daughter company ABUS Kraansystemen (www.abus-kraansystemen.nl) at Ijsselstein when it came to fitting new ABUS cranes into the extension of the production building where the new yachts are put together and the individual components fitted. It was part of the challenging transport task to implement high lifting heights due to the considerable total heights of the yachts. One double girder EOT type ZLK with a load capacity of 16 tons and one ZLK 2 x 8 tons (equipped with two ABUS wire rope hoists) and spans of 24 metres have been installed in each of the three bays. These cranes have a lifting height of 30 metres. In a further bay another ABUS crane type ELV is used with a load capacity of 1.6 tons and a span of 14 metres.

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