DEMY in France made investments in a new building and in new ABUS EOT cranes

The company DEMY ( was founded in 1968 by Mr Raymond DEMY. At first the company was active in the automotive bodywork sector, but this was then abandoned in the seventies in favour of the building sector. Today the son of the founder, Mr Hubert DEMY, is at the helm of the company. The company’s activities now include steel structures, cladding and metal roofing as well as metalwork and locksmithing. At times such works as exterior aluminium millwork are also undertaken. What is more, DEMY has also worked together with another French manufacturer of agricultural machinery, DESVOYS, a company that also uses ABUS lifting systems.

The family-run company with 24 staff relocated to an industrial park in Montenay in the north west of France in 2019. This move made it necessary to acquire more EOT cranes. The ABUS crane system was preferred as the former building had already been equipped with it. DEMY favoured ABUS both for the quality of the equipment and for the after-sales service. A good commercial relationship had also been established over several years with ABUS which contributed to the decision, too.

Thus DEMY went to purchase six single girder EOT cranes of the ELK type. Four of the EOT cranes feature SWLs of 5 tonnes and have a span of 23520 mm; one pair work in TANDEM and they can all be found in the building for framework. The other two EOT cranes have also lifting capacities of 5 tonnes but slightly larger spans of 24060 mm. These are operating in the building used for locksmithing.

DEMY works with parts that can be up to 16 metres long. It can be quite difficult to move these parts with just one crane. Therefore DEMY chose to have the TANDEM option. This well-designed solution is easy to use. Furthermore, it allows the crane operator to move the parts fast and safely with very little risk. ABUS offered this solution using MODULAR wire rope hoists. DEMY opted for this solution because they needed more precision when moving the materials to their new machining centre. The modular wire rope hoists provide the required precision through variable speed; this is a standard function for this hoist series. Apart from the variable speed characteristic, this wire rope hoist series has other compelling features such as load display, anti-sway system, and radio remote control ABUREMOTE. Furthermore, this wire rope hoist works with much precision in TANDEM operation.

DEMY use this solution in conjunction with the control ABUControl and the KranOS interface. The load sway control provided by ABUControl increases the safety and the comfort of transporting parts in sensitive areas which is particularly important when crane users are not yet quite so experienced. ABUControl also facilitates the cross travelling synchronisation of the two hoists each sitting on the two cranes that work in TANDEM leading to reliable handling of long parts. Any drifting of the load hooks due to different speeds is eliminated, thus resulting in perfectly simultaneous functioning. The hoists feature variable speed drives for this very reason. The EOT cranes that work in tandem also have their long travelling speeds controlled in like manner. Movements in all directions can be controlled for two cranes and for up to four hoist trolleys to be perfectly synchronised.

The KranOS interface makes it possible to adjust the different parameters of the EOT cranes via a computer or a tablet. This fits perfectly with DEMY’s requirements while transitioning towards an industry 4.0.

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