ABUS EOT cranes at TCI Cutting, world leader in industrial laser and water jet cutting systems

One customer – one solution: this is the motto onto which TCI Cutting’s company philosophy is built. TCI Cutting (www.tcicutting.com) is a Smart company with headquarters including production in Valencia on Spain’s east coast. The company is the world leader when it comes to solutions that require industrial laser and water jet cutting systems.

TCI Cutting stands out in the market for being a long-term and trusted technological partner offering cutting-edge technological solutions in industrial cutting applications, customised automation, as well as intelligent production management software for autonomous decision-making (TCI Manager). TCI Cutting support their customers all the way round in their quests for flexible automation processes and for their transformation into smart factories. Due to TCI Cutting’s high expertise in production engineering and the high quality of their intelligent solutions it is possible to increase their customers’ productivity by up to 60%, to improve their competitiveness in continually changing environments and, not least, their cost effectiveness.

TCI Cutting has established a strong network of distributors worldwide: this has helped TCI Cutting’s growth in different strategic sectors over the course of 20 years. In addition to their headquarters in Valencia in Spain the company has three subsidiaries: one each in France, in Germany, and in Poland. Furthermore, TCI Cutting’s great know-how and state-of-the-art technology are exported to 28 countries worldwide.

TCI Cutting’s customers are market leaders at national or European levels or even worldwide in varying sectors such as metal industry, defence, aviation, transport (railway, aviation, automotive), textile industry, and energy. General Electric, Nestlé, Talgo, Chanel and Arcelor Mittal are counted amongst the many customers of TCI Cutting.

Another value of TCI Cutting that sets them apart is their complete after-sales service which is of the highest quality. The company has a robust structure in place for comprehensive customer service operating worldwide by phone, online or in person.

TCI Cutting wanted to be sure of a reliable supplier of lifting technology when it came to installing EOT cranes in all of their production and assembly halls, i.e. in over 20,000 m² of their facilities. To quote Mr Uclés, CEO of TCI Cutting: “It was clear that we were looking for a highly trusted partner for this project as it involves moving machinery of great technological and economic value. We always expect the highest quality standards from our partners and suppliers and the company ABUS fulfilled our expectations. We are satisfied with the results.” The EOT cranes have been installed in the new area of final assembly and quality control as well as in the multipurpose hall. This hall has two main functions: it is used as showroom for customers and serves also as storage area before the machines are sent out worldwide. In total TCI Cutting has 11 EOT cranes installed with different configurations depending on the requirements of the buildings where different production lines are housed in each.

Different solutions were worked out together with ABUS Grúas, the Spanish daughter company of ABUS Kransysteme in Germany. Finally, TCI Cutting decided to invest in three single girder cranes of the ELK type: this particular crane type consists of a welded box girder that allows a maximum span of 29.5 m depending on the load capacity (with a span of 29.5 m a maximum of 5 tonnes can be lifted).

One single girder crane with a span of 14,080 mm and SWL of 16 tonnes was installed in the final assembly area. This crane was designed by ABUS in the so-called variation 1 of the main girder to end carriage connection for best adaptation to the building structure, i.e. a stooled down version that makes the best use of the available space between the track and the ceiling of the building.

Both single girder EOT cranes in the storage and showroom area have spans of 21,250 mm and SWLs of 10 tonnes each.

All three cranes were customised with ABUS wire rope hoists of the E type for single girder cranes. The E type wire rope hoist has a very compact design with favourable dimensions and features two direct wheel drives. The trolleys can be adjusted to different girder flange widths. With this wire rope hoist type lifting capacities between 1 and 16 tonnes can be realised.

Naturally, the lifting equipment supplied also contained ABURemote Button radio remote controls: these allow the crane user to operate the crane and move loads safely from a safe place and distance. Among its many functions the ABURemote Button has a display that shows the user the current load hooked in the load hook.

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